Workshop Facilitation

Too often, transportation projects & plans are bogged down by conflict.  We can help.

Disagreement is a normal part of most transportation plans and projects. The Sustainable Transportation Council helps stakeholders find common ground on difficult and controversial projects and plans. Through our Common Ground workshops, we help stakeholders navigate conflict to develop shared understanding and inclusive solutions.

Our workshops help shift the conversation away from people’s favorite individual modes, designs, or policies to start identifying agreements on economic, environmental, and social outcomes. 

We’ve held Common Ground workshops to bring together business, environmental, and social stakeholders, planners and engineers, and elected officials. Whether you need to identify issues, brainstorm strategies, or finalize decisions to be implemented, our highly interactive workshop format can be customized to your organization’s specific needs.

Our workshops have proven to be a powerful method to reduce and resolve conflicts among people with different priorities, responsibilities, and opinions. 

Success Stories
In Pasadena, CA, the Council facilitated two workshops. In the first, we helped engineers and planners agree on outcomes and design treatments for a proposed “road diet.” In the second, we helped road users and local residents find consensus to support the road diet and specific design treatments.

In Multnomah County, OR, we facilitated a workshop with planning, engineering, and public health staff to identify common outcomes and higher performance design treatments for a one mile bike/ped project.

To discuss a workshop for your organization, please get in touch!