Technical Assistance

Not ready for a full workshop or training?  We offer technical assistance, including assessment of an agency’s program, plan, or project development or tune-ups to a plan or project to identify opportunities to improve performance.


  • Use all or most of the twelve STARS credit categories to evaluate how well an agency or firm has incorporated sustainable transportation into a plan or project, or a plan or project development process.
  • Use to prospectively identify process gaps or retrospectively to rate performance and identify improvements.
  • Past example: assess the strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness of an agency’s transportation demand management (TDM) programs by benchmarking with North America’s best and recommend potential improvements.
  • Assessments can be followed by the tune-up below.


  • Quick, qualitative or quantitative review and recommendations to improve performance on one or more measures.
  • Tune-ups can be done after an assessment or independently if an agency knows specifically what performance improvements they want.
  • Past example: Workshop and guidance to improve the safety, health and equity performance of Multnomah County’s Arata Road bicycle/pedestrian improvement project.