Staff Training

Planners, elected officials, and the communities they serve want to build a more balanced, sustainable system. They want to meet their daily needs without traveling a long way, to have options in how they get around, to lighten their impact on their environment and their community, and to make investments that leave their children prosperity, not debt. But where can they start?

An enormous range of strategies can be called “sustainable.” This makes it hard for people to know which steps to take, and how much progress they are really making. It is also hard to know how to make a choice when one goal, like reducing carbon emissions, is in conflict with another, like providing transportation equitably. Planners are often operating under multiple policy mandates and budget constraints, which can lead to extra layers of complication, time, and cost for each project and plan.

Trainings the Council provides include:

  • Outcome-Based Planning workshops train staff how to base their long-range, corridor/area or project planning with economic, environmental, and social sustainability outcomes. By the end of the workshop, staff will have identified and prioritized 5 – 9 key outcomes, a smaller number of performance measures/evaluation criteria, and a process for evaluating and prioritizing alternatives.
  • Tools workshops train staff how to use outcome-based planning, backcasting, “heavy lifter” performance measures, and multiple objective decision-making to save time and money.
  • Scoping workshops help an organization identify whether, when, and how to incorporate triple bottom line sustainability in a transportation plan or project.

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