The North American Sustainable Transportation Council is creating more vibrant, healthy, equitable, and sustainable communities by changing the way we we plan and implement transportation projects.

Transportation projects and plans are increasingly asked to deliver multiple benefits even as transportation funding is reduced. From supporting economic development and public health to increasing equity and climate benefits, how do you weigh trade-offs and achieve maximum performance?

Sustainable Transportation Council can help.

Call for Proposals

We’re looking to pass the torch. After nearly seven years building a multiple outcome-based planning and collaborative decision-making framework, the Council is seeking proposals from organizations wanting to build on our work and further advance sustainable transportation practices.

We’d like to provide one or more organizations up to $12,000 and use of the Sustainable Transportation Analysis & Rating System (STARS) tools to create tangible results advancing sustainable transportation.

Please send us a proposal with:
• A general description of you and your organization;
• Information on the staff who would be working on the project;
• The outcome(s) you want to achieve and why;
• Your strategy for achieving the outcomes;
• How you think the the outcome(s) you identify will change transportation planning or project development and funding practices and advance sustainable transportation over multiple years;
• Whether and how you would use the STARS framework;
• Your budget, which could be more than $12,000 if you want to use our funds as leverage.

Please email your proposal to We’ll start reviewing proposals on May 23rd, but will keep the door open until we find a proposal we like. Please review our website,, for information on the Council and STARS.


The Sustainable Transportation Council Board